Workplace Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Training

Code Compliance

The Code Compliance department of the Life Safety Division is primarily responsible for conducting annual business inspections for existing commercial structures to ensure safety and compliance with the adopted fire code of that jurisdiction. The inspectors perform inspections on a classification based system. The occupancy type and occupancy risk classification determine whether the inspections are performed every one (1) or three (3) years. They also issue Operational and Hazardous Material permits, and witness workplace training and fire drills.

West Metro Fire Rescue offers the following programs and services to businesses located in our district

1. Assistance in writing an evacuation plan

If you have questions regarding your emergency plan contact us. Specific questions and information about your facility can be discussed so that your emergency plan is appropriate to your building and your current staff.

Emergency plans are designed in many different formats. It is important that you meet the International Fire Code requirements and the needs of your building and staff. View a resource to help you write your plan if you need assistance. 


2. Evacuation plan review

 – once your plan is written, submit it to the Life Safety Division for review via email or fax it to (303) 969-8908. 

3. Evacuation drill witness

 - once per year, with at least 4 weeks advance notice and scheduled in conjunction with the department training schedule.  A copy of an approved written evacuation plan is required. 
Please note:  Our fire crews will observe the drill and provide feedback. It is the requester's responsibility to run the drill with the checklist we provide to businesses prior to the drill. Click here to request an evacuation drill witness.


4. Workplace Fire Safety presentation with digital FIRE EXTINGUISHER Trainer:

The presenter will: 

  • Identify common fire hazards 
  • Describe emergency procedures 
  • Demonstrate how to correctly use a fire extinguisher with hands-on practice using a digital machine 


• $200 per session at your location 
• Payable by credit card OR check to “West Metro Fire Rescue” 
• Please allow at least 3-4 weeks advance notice to schedule a training session at your location 
• Submit presentation request form to schedule a presentation at your location 

Contact us for more information or to request a presentation for your location. 

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