Construction Management Site Plan Requirements

Construction Management Site Plan

The CMSP is intended to validate that planning, systems, and processes are in place to establish a safe construction site and to adequately ensure an effective and safe fire department response in the event of an emergency.  The requirement for a CMSP is not just limited to large scale projects and developments but is a crucial requirement for any project with new construction that may require emergency services while construction is underway.   

A typical CMSP provides, at a minimum, an overview of the construction scope and site- taking into account phasing, logistics, traffic management, site access, building access, temporary fire protection measures, fire safety, and hazard mitigation in and around the project site.


Construction Management Site Plan

A CMSP is required in the following situations: 

  1. New buildings and additions that meet one of the following criteria:
    • The area of new construction is greater than 20,000sf on all levels.
    • The building or addition exceeds 3 stories or 30ft in height.
    • A fire sprinkler and/or standpipe system is required.
    • On-site fire access is required (temporary or permanent fire lanes). 
    • On-site fire hydrant(s) are required. 
  2. International Residential Code (IRC) developments exceeding 4 dwelling units (includes one and two-family dwellings and townhouses). 

  3. When otherwise required by the Fire District.

  4. A CMSP is not required for interior remodels, renovations, or tenant improvement projects conducted entirely within the envelope of an existing building except when required by the Fire District.

Large and more complex developments may require multiple plans to address various phases of construction.  A CMSP shall rely on a combination of the following to convey the necessary information:

  1. A site plan that locates, identifies, and describes all necessary components of the plan.  
  2. Written information, procedures, and instructions that describe elements of the plan in further detail. 

CMSP Checklist


The CMSP shall be submitted and approved by the Fire District before the Fire District will release any permits for construction.  

Click this Email Link to submit by email for a courtesy Construction management Site Plan review & approval.


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